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The Directory of Justice Services booklet outlines some of the services of the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development and focuses specifically on issues that affect vulnerable people, women and children.

Most of the services that are included in this booklet may be accessed at the nearest magistrate courts. If the court is not able to assist, they will direct you to the relevant office. Services covered in this booklet:

More Information:

  1. Family Advocate: Consulting a family advocate

  2. Customarry Marriages: Getting married under customary law

  3. Equality/Discrimination : Lodging a complaint: Equality/Discrimination

  4. Small Claims Courts: Recover debt

  5. Master of the High Court: Reporting the estate of the deceased
  6. Master of the High Court: Registration of trusts
  7. Master of the High Court: Application for rehabilitation by insolvents
  8. Master of the High Court: Accessing the Guardian’s Fund

  9. Children and the Law: Protection for children accused of crime

  10. Adoption: Consent/withdrawal of consent by a parent or guardian of a child for adoption

  11. Maintenance: Apply for a Maintenance Order
  12. Maintenance: Changing (increase or decrease) the amount of maintenance (Variation or Substitution)

  13. Domestic Violence: Apply for a Domestic Violence protection order
  14. Domestic Violence: Request a further warrant of arrest of a Domestic Violence respondent
  15. Domestic Violence: Make an affidavit regarding contravention of a Domestic Violence protection order
  16. Domestic Violence: Apply for variation or setting aside of a Domestic Violence protection order

For information on other Government Services
To find information on other Goverment Services, visit the Government Services website at this address: http://www.services.gov.za/