Justice@Work Newsletter

  • Justice@Work Newsletter, 2019-2020, Vol 02: Office of the Family Advocate: Western Cape Special Edition [4.09mb]

    We bring you a Justice@Work special edition, specifically looking at the strides made by the Western Cape Office of the Family Advocate (OFA) in protecting the best interest of children whilst promoting and creating an enabling environment for their health and wellbeing.

    • p3 Doing extraordinary work for her office pays off
    • p6 Cape Town OFA gives hope to children
    • p8 Ground-breaking OFA, university partnership empowers graduates
    • p10 UWC social work students benefit from internship; thanks to OFA
    • p12 Passionate WC family advocate up for the dual task
    • p14 Western Cape justice initiative realises graduates’ dreams
    • p16 Western Cape OFA opens doors to unemployed graduates
    • p17 Tough magistrate with a soft spot for children
    • p19 Stakeholder collaboration, a great success for OFA
    • p22 Meet Worcester counselor, passionate in reuniting families


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