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coverPresidential Summit against Gender-based Violence and Femicide (GBV) Declaration on 02 Nov 2018 - 2019
WE, the one thousand two hundred delegates of the South African Presidential Summit against Gender-based Violence and Femicide (GBV), held on 1 and 2 November 2018 in Pretoria, representing – (a) survivors of gender-based violence; (b) the government of South Africa; and (c) South African society at large, and coming from all walks of life, without any distinction in terms of race, colour, age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, HIV status, language, ethnic or social origin, geographical location, political or other opinion, religion, conscience, belief, culture, birth, and nationality;

coverEqual Access to Justice for persons with disabilities, Handy hints for Court Officials. - 2019
A reasonable accommodation is an adjustment made to accommodate the needs of a person with a disability. It ensures fairness, equality and equal access and participation in all processes, systems and environments. Court officials should be proactive in identifying impairments and potential impairments that arise during a court proceeding.

coverYouth Quick Facts - 2016 pdf
The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development (DoJ&CD) has made significant strides in promoting and protecting the rights of children and youth in the country through various programmes and pieces of legislation.

coverIntermediary Services provided in Courts - 2015
The role of the intermediary is to convey the evidence-related questions from the prosecution, the defence or the magistrate to the child witness or witness with a mental disability in a manner which is sensitive and understandable to the witness

coverThe Older Persons Act, 2006 is intended to protect, promote and maintain the status, rights, well-being and security of older persons. It is an Act that aims at combating the abuse of older persons [2015].


coverProtecting our Children - 2015 pdf
The Child Justice Act, 2008 (Act 75 of 2008) establishes a criminal justice system for children in conflict with the law that expands and entrenches the principles of restorative justice, while ensuring their responsibility and accountability for crimes committed.

coverThe best interests of the child are of paramount importance, 2014
The Family Advocate is a legally qualified official appointed by the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development to promote and protect the best interests of children in civil disputes regarding parental responsibilities and rights. The Family Advocate may, in terms of the law, appoint a Family Counsellor who is a registered social worker or psychologist to assist them with certain expertise in an enquiry.

coverCyber bullying & Sexting - 2014pdf
Cyber bullying includes acts involving bullying and harassment through the use of electronic devices or technology. Sexting involves the sending of nude or semi-nude photos or videos and /or sexually suggestive messages via mobile phone texting or instant message.

coverHarmful Religious Practices - 2014pdf
Many people, in particularly children, are hurt or killed as a result of some forms of practice which are perceived as part of a religion. These incidents often happen in schools or among young people. These incidents are often regarded as practices protected by “freedom of religion”.

coverFrequently Asked Questions on sexual orientation & gender identity for individuals, families and communities - 2014pdf
This brochure provides information about sexual orientation, gender identity, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) persons. The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 provides that everyone in our country is entitled to human dignity, equality and freedom.

coverWhat does the South African Constitution say about your Human Rights? - 2014pdf
This booklet contains information on Human Rights as entrenched in the Constitution.


imageLegal and Other Related Careers in the Justice System - 2013
Information about the various careers in the judtice system and their requirements.


UkuthwalaFAQs on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) People, pdf 2013
Human Rights apply to everyone, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender & intersex people. The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development endorses the rights of LGBTI people as human rights, which should be enforced and respected at all times.

UkuthwalaIntermediary Services provided in Courts, pdf 2013


UkuthwalaUkuthwala, 2011
Ukuthwala is a form of abduction that involves kidnapping a girl or a young woman by a man and his friends or peers with the intention of compelling the girl or young woman’s family to endorse marriage negotiations.


coverHow do I claim Maintenance, What you need to know pdf 2011
Sepedi, Sesotho, Xitsonga, English, isiNdebele, isiXhosa


coverPut a stop to Domestic Violence, What you need to know pdf 2012
Sepedi, Sesotho, Tshivenda, Xitsonga, English, isiNdebele, isiXhosa, Zulu, Setswana, siSwati, Afrikaans

coverChildren's Rights are really cool! 2011 pdf


coverRestorative Justice: Factsheets and booklets - 2011


coverEquality Brochure - Stand & Defend your Right to Equality - 2011 pdf


Booklet CoverWHAT IS A CHILDREN’S COURT? The Children’s Act, 2005 (Act No 38 of 2005)pdf 2011


Booklet CoverINFORMATION BOOKLET: The Child Justice Act, 2008 (Act 75 of 2008)pdf 2010




Newspaper supplement on Victim Empowerment [1.53 MB] pdf 2008

THE NEW SEXUAL OFFENCES ACT - protecting our children from sexual predators pdf 2008


Re Aga Boswa - 2005
The Department's vision on rebuilding the Court System to deliver accessible and transformed justice services


Anti-Corruption and Fraud Policy - 2000
This brochure deals with the anti-corruption and fraud policy within the Department.


Child Justice Project 2000  - 2000
Information regarding the Child Justice Project which will assist with the development of the new system for dealing with children accused of crimes.


Busi goes to court - 1999
This booklet/colouring book aims to explain the court process and proceedings to children in a manner they can understand. It also provides definitions/explanations of the various role players taking part in the court proceedings.


Domestic violence: Heal our Families - 1999
Information relating to the Act.


I have to testify , but how? - 1999
This pamphlet contains information on what to expect when you have to testify as well as information on witness fees, etc.


Law talk for children - 1998
This information booklet describes how some laws affect the rights of children. The aim of the booklet is to provide some important background to laws that affect children and to provide practical suggestions on how children can access the justice and legal system with as little trauma as possible to their emotional and physical well-being.

Victims of sexual offences - 1998
This pamphlet will provide you with practical support and information about reporting the assault to the police, the medical examination by the accredited health care practitioner, the feelings you may have after being sexually assaulted and where to get help and support.

Domestic violence: Destroys Our Society - 1998
Information relating to the Act.